What does ACE – WORKSHOP 2017 expect?

ACE-WORKSHOP 2017 is a unique workshop, created in 2016 by the Ecole Centrale de Lille*, to disseminate knowledge and conduct scientific reflections on the technologies of the future. It brings together eminent international scientists who present the cutting edge of the technologies and lead debates with the heads of large companies, researchers, doctoral candidates, young entrepreneurs and start-ups. The objective of this workshop is to establish new opportunities for collaborative and sustainable work in a high-level scientific community.


What will we do?
The workshops are organized in plenary sessions, round tables and poster sessions. The international experts will present their scientific work and provide advice to establish a vision of the future. Participants will be able to present their work, exchange, debate and find out business opportunities.
The ACE-WORKSHOP will bring together large and small companies, Startups and entrepreneurs, architects, civil engineers, researchers, students and decision makers. The event is open for all.


Which 2017 ACE thematic?
Based on the successful 2016 experience with a theme for « 3D Printing », the theme 2017 « Beyond Construction », focuses on answering the following question: What organization / Structure would be the most appropriate for the introduction of robotics in construction?
An international scientific committee has been set up to define the scientific approach of the work.
What can you do?
Bring your expertise and participate.

How to send your Contribution?

Posters, abstracts, full papers and presentations are to be submitted to the scientific committee before 15 June 2017 to: 

How to register for the Workshop?

To register for the ACE-WORKSHOP 2017, please follow the link: Registration link.

How to be a Sponsor & Partner of the ACE-WORKSHOP 2017?

The Sponsorhip options are described in the « Sponsorship Options » section.

3 Sponsorship levels exist:

Platinium (10 000 €), Gold (6 000 €) & Silver (3 000 €) . Those levels unlock different privileges.

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ACE Workshop Keywords

Design, Digital, Architecture, Prefabrication, modularization, robotics in Construction, Lean Construction, Supply Chain, Design Thinking, Innovation, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,  Robotics, Energy, Buildings, BIM, Computing In Construction, Business Model, Information Technology, Materials,

Founder of the Annual Civil Engineering Workshop (ACE Workshop)

Zoubeir LAFHAJ, PhD in civil engineering, is full professor at the Graduate School of Engineering Ecole Centrale de Lille, – French Grande Ecole, and former Dean of International affairs, and member of the Executive Committee of the School (2008 -2015), responsible for the track (Planning, Construction and Environment).

Prof. Zoubeir LAFHAJ also develops a strong network of technology and knowledge transfer in national and international companies. He was elected as a member of the Board of Directors in the Competitiveness Cluster Team² (environmental technologies applied to materials and materials). He launched collaborative contracts and multiple partnerships with international and regional companies to participate in their development R & D and industrial leadership.

Prof. Zoubeir LAFHAJ  leads a team of Researchers with industrial partners on 5 strategic Research thematics:

  1. Industry 4.0 in Construction
  2. 3D printing in the construction sector, notably the one with BOUYGUES: Project « Prototype 3D printing for construction ». This project is a pioneer in France.
  3. Energy Efficiency of buildings: thermal performance, software development.
  4. Lean Construction: the first PhD on Lean Construction in France (the French Context). Visualization, Last Planner, Lean methods application in the Construction value Chain.
  5. Prospection of innovative materials, characterization and valorization in civil engineering: examples are: self-healing materials, geo-polymer-based materials, intelligent materials etc.

Read more about his scientific publications: zoubeir.lafhaj.ec-lillle.fr

Key words: engineering, environment, materials, sustainable development, industry linkage, industry 4.0, research, project management, international, leadership, and governance.

Ecole Centrale de Lille, also known as Centrale Lille (EC-Lille), is one of the leading engineering schools in France and is among the 210 engineering schools authorized in France to award an engineering degree. Centrale Lille is positioned and identified on the basis of excellence, selectivity and high standards, served by a strong brand. Centrale Lille is thus a significant and recognized international player in higher education, research and economic development deeply implanted and involved in its territory. Centrale Lille’s strategy is to strengthen its positioning in a context of international competition and global economic challenges.
Centrale Lille privileges the contractual partnerships that allow to create a selected network of 89 partners. 20 among renowned universities in engineering such as the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, the University of Texas at Austin , The Technical University of Munich, Cranfield University, Tsinghua University to name just a few. Centrale Lille is currently a member of the T.I.M.E. (Top Industrial Manager for Europe), which is the leading network for the training of bi-cultural and bilingual engineers.
For more information, please visit: http://www.ec-lille.fr/en/index.html

Pr. Zoubeir LAFHAJ



Pr. Mohamed EL HUSSEIN

Expertise: Industrialization

Thomas BOCK

Pr. Thomas BOCK

Expertise: Robotics



Expertise: Robotics



Expertise: Lean Construction



Expertise: Civil Engineering

Enrico DINI

Enrico DINI

Expertise: 3D Printing

Tomonari YASHIRO

Tomonari YASHIRO

(Tokyo University)

Expertise: Internet Of Things for Buildings



Expertise: 3D Printing


Pr. Richard GAGNE

Expertise: Materials Science



Expertise:  3D Printing



Expertise: 3D Printing

Pr. O'Brien

Pr. William O’BRIEN

Expertise: Supply Chain


Berry Hendriks

Expertise: 3D Printing


Dr. Zakaria DAKHLI

R&D Engineer




Doctoral Candidate

Specialty: Mechatronics



R&D Engineer

Modular Construction



Master student

Civil Engineering



Doctoral Candidate

Specialty: Materials Science

Ashish GUPTA

Ashish GUPTA

Engineer, NITIE Mumbai

Specialty: Operations Management


Thomas DANEL

Doctoral Candidate

Specialty: Robotics



Master Student

Specialty: Mechatronics

melanie 3

Dr. Mélanie DENECKER


Specialty: Petrophysics



    Zoubeir LAFHAJ



      Round tables

      Keynote speakers

      Meet our most valued speakers

      Enrico DINI

      Inventor & Founder @D-Shape

      In 2007 helped from his trusted brother Riccardo, Enrico tested successfully his large scale D-Shape printer prototype and the following year he printed the Radiolaria, the first free-form building structure ever.

        Pr. Thomas BOCK

        Professor, Chairholder @Technical University of Munich

        Worldwide Leader in Construction Robotics. Pr. Thomas BOCK studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and the IIT in Chicago, Prof. Bock did his doctorate at the University of Tokyo.

          Berry Hendriks

          Founder @Cybe

          Berry Hendriks has pioneered one of the more promising 3D concrete printing setups, called the ProTo 3DP, (currently developed and use the CyBe R 3Dp and CyBe RC 3Dp) an innovative and original environmentally friendly option than most of its competitors.

            Aric Rindfleisch

            Professor @Urbana-Champaign

            American marketing author and professor. He is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Illinois MakerLab, the world’s first 3D Printing Lab in a business school. He also teaches, The 3D Printing Revolution, which is ranked as one of the Top 50 Online Courses in the world.

              Jianping WU

              Chairman @Beijing Huashang Luhai Technology

              Mr. Jianping invented and developed a 3D building printing equipment, which can print a whole building with concrete. He has been engaged in industrial manufacturing for more than twenty years.

                Alan MOSSMAN

                CEO & Expert Consultant @The Change Business

                Alan has coached a number of construction teams making a lean transformation. An author, consultant and teacher of lean construction, he co-edits the Lean Construction Journal.

                  Henrick LUND-NIELSEN

                  CEO @Gypsum Recycling A/S & 3D Printhuset A/S

                  a Danish business executive and serial-entrepreneur, investor in and founder of several Danish growth companies mainly within the mobile and internet sector. Expert in 3D Printing in Construction.

                    Mohamed Al-HUSSEIN

                    Professor @University of Alberta

                    Dr. Al-Hussein’s research has proffered a number of contributions the industrialization of the building construction process through the development of modular and offsite construction technologies. He is also undertaking research that will ultimately revolutionize the current on-site stick-built construction process.

                      Thierry RAYNA

                      Professor @Novancia Business School

                      Thierry Rayna is a professor of economics at Novancia Business School in Paris. After graduating from the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and the London School of Economics, he is now an Expert in issues related to the digital industry and devotes a large part of his research to 3D printing.

                        Behrokh Khoshnevis

                        Professor & Inventor of Contour Crafting

                        An inductee of the National Academy of Inventors, Pr. Berok Khoshnevis is active in robotics, and mechatronics related research and development projects that include the development of three novel Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) processes called Contour Crafting, SIS and SSS family of 3D Printing technologies.

                          Renaud DELABARRE

                          Project Manager for 3D Printing

                          Renaud DELABARRE is an Architect from E.N.S.A.P.L. He is currently the Project Manager of the regional project MATRICE: “Additive Manufacturing applied to the construction”

                            Alban MALLET

                            XtreeE - Technology

                            Architect, graduate of ENSA Paris – Malaquais (2015), he has been working for several years on additive manufacturing processes and bio-sourced materials. At XtreeE, Alban develops 3D-printing processes for concrete, clay and polymers. He also contributes to the design of innovative large-scale additive manufacturing systems.

                              Workshop Programme

                              The Workshop Program is taking shape and the final Programe will be anounced soon. Please note session times and titles below may be subject to change.


                              What people say

                              We share the latest news, technologies in Construction. The need to revolutionalize the Construction sector is backed up with real data and insights. A Memorable conference.
                              Cécile GOMEZDeputy Director, Industrial Optimization @ Bouygues TP
                              Great Networking Opportunity. Professionals and Researchers are together sharing their insights and experience. An innovatice Concept full of best practices for the Construction Industry.
                              Pr. Olaf DIEGELProfessor "Additive Manufacturing" @ Lund University
                              The Event helped us (the students) dramatically in setting up our Professional project. I know now the real needs of professionals and researchers in the Construction Sector.
                              Thomas DeclerckFinal Year Master Student















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