Last year event video


Pr Zoubeir LAFHAJ – Professor at Centrale Lille

Leaders around the world, including the contractors and actors interested in research, academics, scientists and companies are present today and the event is going very well. Everyone acepted the invitation and it is a great opportunity for Ecole Centrale de Lille to position itself for the thematic and the region “Hauts-de-France” too.

Mr Antoine ROCCO – Deputy CEO at Rabot Dutilleul Construction

I was already enthusiastic before coming since I saw the Keynote Speakers who attend. The participants are impressive. The event completely meets my expectations. It’s a complete openness on everything that happens around the world and which reminds more than ever that we must communicate, work together, and share. For the moment, it definitely meets my expectations.

Mr Bruno LINEATTE – R&D Innovation Director at Bouygues Entreprise France-Europe and R&D Buildings Constructive Modes at Bouygues Construction

The event’s room was full and it is not always the case for others workshops. Indeed, last, week, I was somewhere where there are not as many participants. There are lots of questions from passionate people, people with a high level of qualification that I recognized in the room, great actors, very interesting and very exciting.

Professor Thomas BOCK – Professor at Technical University of Munich


It is a great conference. Otherwise I would not be here. I love this place, I think it is a very great school. I like the founder of the school, Eiffel, and the principle of the school.