Chairman and Founder of the ACE Workshop

Professeur Zoubeir LAFHAJ, PhD in civil engineering, is full professor at the Graduate School of Engineering Ecole Centrale de Lille and former Dean of International Affairs, and member of the Executive Committee of the School (2008 -2015), responsible for the track (Planning, Construction and Environment).

Prof. LAFHAJ also develops a strong network of technology and knowledge transfer in national and international companies. He was elected as a member of the Board of Directors in the Competitiveness Cluster Team² (environmental technologies applied to materials). He launched collaborative contracts and multiple partnerships with international and regional companies to participate in their R & D developments and industrial leadership.

Prof. Zoubeir LAFHAJ leads a team of researchers with industrial partners on 5 strategic research thematics:

  1. Industry 4.0 in Construction
  2. 3D printing in the construction sector, notably with BOUYGUES’: Project “Prototype 3D printing for construction”. This project is a pioneer in France.
  3. Energy Efficiency of buildings: thermal performance, software development.
  4. Lean Construction: the first PhD on Lean Construction in France (the French Context). Visualization, Last Planner, Lean methods applied in the Construction Value Chain.
  5. Prospection of innovative materials, characterization and valorization in civil engineering: examples are: self-healing materials, geo-polymer-based materials, intelligent materials etc.

 Organizing Committee

Dr. Zakaria DAKHLI
  • Chairman of the Organization Committee
  • PhD in Lean Construction
  • Research engineer at Ecole Centrale de Lille (FRANCE)
  • in charge of the website
  • Civil engineer from Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieur de Tunis (TUNISIA)
  • Doctoral Candidate at Ecole Centrale de Lille (FRANCE)
  • in charge of the Event Organization
  • Civil Engineer from Public National University of Lebanon, Faculty of Engineering (LEBANON)
  • Doctoral Candidate at Ecole Centrale de Lille (FRANCE)
  • in charge of Communication with Guests
  • Engineer in Mechatronics from Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Sousse (TUNISIA)
  • Doctoral Candidate at Ecole Centrale de Lille (FRANCE)
Thomas DANEL
  • Webmaster and in charge of Communication
  • Engineer in Computer Science, Automation and Electronics from Polytech Lille (FRANCE)
  • Doctoral Candidate at Ecole Centrale de Lille (FRANCE)




As far as I can remember, I’ve always shared my emotions by singing and acting. My passion ended up catching me in the 90s when I studied musical theater. This is when was discovered the teamwork and the pleasure to assit my partners of play with repeating their scenes, their songs…

My passion for the human voice as a vector of personal fulfillment remains intact after 25 years spent on stage. In search of meaning and new ways of transmitting, I trained myself in vocal coaching and oral communication and I now help teams and individuals of all ages. My areas of intervention are public-speaking, interview preparation, media training, reception, stress management, well-being at work, assertiveness.

Certified Professional Trainer speaking in public by the FFP, I am also Vocal Coach, in the Voice Global Coaching network, Yaël Benzaquen.