Program of the event consists of 2 conference days in which keynote speakers and researchers will present their work through oral presentations and round tables. A cultural day will be organized to discover the surroundings of Lille and the region Hauts-de-France.



Technical Visit 1 : CEA Tech [6 July 2018]

The first element we can give you about the program is that a technical visit is organized at CEA Tech.

This is the “technological research” department of the CEA, made up of the three institutes Leti, Liten, List and the CEA Tech Institute in the region, which allow it to have a complete portfolio of technologies in the fields of information and communication, energy and health.

Benefiting from a unique know-how stemming from a culture of innovation, CEA Tech’s mission is to produce and disseminate technologies to benefit industry, by ensuring a “bridge” between the scientific world and the economic world. CEA Tech also provides access to generic technologies developed for CEA’s other operating divisions.

(extracted and translated from the CEA Tech website.)

This visit will be organized on the afternoon of the last day of the workshop, the friday 6th July at 4pm.