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Envisioning the future of DESIGN AND A.I. In Construction

With the advent of the internet of things, Big Data and Platform-based technologies & business models, it is necessary to start seriously rethink the way value is generated in the construction value chain. The numbers are indicative of an industry in need of a process reengineering coupled with an effective strategy to win the battle of productivity: 40 to 50% of construction projects suffer delays, 90% of projects exceed expected costs, and 75 to 90% of on-site work time is considered non-value adding activities.

This Edition of the Architecture Construction Engineering Workshop (ACE Workshop) is held under the theme “The future of  Design and Artificial Intelligence in Construction”. The reason for this choice is twofold:

  • The concept of “Industry 4.0” sets the frame for competitive (manufacturing) industries thanks to the internet of thing-based technologies. The application of such principles in the construction industry needs a collective understanding (from researchers and practitioners) of the patterns that shape the construction industry.
  • The act of construction (From project launch until the maintenance) is complex in nature and involves a large set of stakeholders. Technology, in support of an agile organization, could unlock the full potential and productivity of the traditional low margin/loss paradigm associated with the construction industry.

The 2020 ACE Workshop aims to advance the construction sector thanks to the participation of leaders from different backgrounds: researchers, professionals, startups, students, etc. and from different industries as well: the construction industry, computer science, manufacturing, aeronautics, bio-medical, management consulting, etc.


Architecture Construction Engineering (ACE) Workshop

This 2020 edition of the International Workshop aims to bring together students, researchers, and professionals around the themes chosen for this year. The two conference days will be organized around lectures, given by well-known keynote speakers, and round tables including speakers, company representatives and researchers. Finally, we will have the opportunity to share and exchange during informal moments.

The event seeks to fuel the impulse and maintain the dynamic encouraged in previous years by the Ecole Centrale de Lille, and especially by the professor Zoubeir LAFHAJ in the construction industry. For many years now, the team has trained to dedicate their work to the popularization of some subjects such as Lean Construction and 3D Printing. One of the objectives of this workshop is to give an insight into these concepts for a large audience regarding its implementation and practical side.