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ACE Workshop 2020

ACE-WORKSHOP 2020 is a unique workshop, created in 2014 by the Centrale Lille, to disseminate knowledge and conduct scientific reflections on the technologies of the future. It brings together eminent international scientists who present the cutting edge of the technologies and lead debates with the heads of large companies, researchers, doctoral candidates, young entrepreneurs, and start-ups. The objective of this workshop is to establish new opportunities for collaborative and sustainable work in a high-level scientific community.

The FUTURE of Design and A.I. in Construction

Current theories of the design and construction processes suggest significantly different progressions, with design perceived as being generally iterative and cyclical in nature (Austin et al., 1999a; Brawne, 2003, p. 33), and construction as being linear and sequential in nature (Koskela, 2000, p. 257). This view of construction is based on transformation theory, which describes the process by which inputs are changed into outputs. It is the theoretical model that underlies the current understanding of the production process and thus of the construction process (Koskela, 2000, p. 38). These contrasting cyclical and linear characteristics make the important interface between the design process and the construction process complex to manage. They also make it difficult

This year’s edition stems from the need for closer program integration of design and construction, to increase the overlap between the design process and construction activities, and to reduce the period of time between design and its realization on site.

This edition will help us achieve a greater understanding of the interface between detailed design and construction.

What will we do?

The workshops are organized in plenary sessions, round tables, and poster sessions. The international experts will present their scientific work and provide advice to establish a vision of the future. Participants will be able to present their work, exchange, debate and find out business opportunities.
The ACE-WORKSHOP will bring together large and small companies, Startups and entrepreneurs, architects, civil engineers, researchers, students and decision makers. The event is open for all.
Researchers & academics
PhD students

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Program Overview

Monday 29 June 2020

Tuesday 30 June 2020

Wednesday 01 July 2020


ACE Workshop Keywords

Design, Digital, Architecture, Prefabrication, modularization, robotics in Construction, Lean Construction, Supply Chain, Design Thinking, Innovation, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,  Robotics, Energy, Buildings, BIM, Computing In Construction, Business Model, Information Technology, Materials

Latest Reseach in Construction
100% Networking
Debates & Round Tables on the Vision
Industry-oriented research

Research Tracks

  • Collaboration
  • Industrialization
  • Lean Construction
  • Machine Learning & A.I.
  • Off-site Construction
  • Robotics
  • Architecture
  • Supply Chain
  • BIM
  • Business Models

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It is an innovative and dynamic workshop, which brings together speakers who generously share their expertise.